Arizona Cowboy Music


“In the world, I guess there are hundreds of millions of 6-string guitars, hundreds of thousands of 12-string guitars and,
as far as I know, only four 18-string guitars in the USA.”   
~ Johnny Bencomo

If you are looking for a cowboy singer straight out of the old west, you’ve found him.  Johnny Bencomo is as authentic as they come. With a repertoire of nearly 800 songs, and a mastery of one of the world’s most unusual instruments, he will bring you and your guests into times of days gone by.  He is also a masterful storyteller, weaving tales into his sets, delighting audiences both young and old.

Johnny Bencomo plays every Thursday and Sunday at Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch in Tombstone, Arizona, from 5-8 p.m. 

No cover.